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Contractual !!

The effort of identifying, attracting and screening potential employees did not exist 10 years ago. With a rich supply of job seekers, it is difficult to separate the best prospects and so, it has become a time consuming burden on a company’s hiring resources. To cut the staffing costs substantially for our clients, we introduced another vertical ” Contractual Staffing “ which is commonly known as temping.
Matrix staffing focus is on raising productivity through improved quality, efficiency as well as cost reduction, to enable the customer to concentrate on its core business activities. Matrix being your staffing partner, you could gain from the valuable and cost effective measures, which will allow you for greater flexibility through economic highs and lows. 

  • Matrix partners with the customer to source the requisite personnel against the manpower staffing requirements.
  • The personnel are kept on board on the rolls of Matrix Consultant.
  • If the personnel is newly recruited from other sources, is brought on Matrix roll and thus Matrix takes the complete responsibility of servicing the payroll and other benefits.
  • The customer identifies and transfers the existing set of employee’s onto Matrix Payrolls through our transfer of employee’s procedure.
  • Continuous servicing and processing of the personnel’s payrolls and other HR activities.

Benefits of Contractual Staffing

  • Flexibility
  • Reduced cost of staffing and recruiting
    Statutory obligations – no longer its customer’s responsibility
  • Temporary to permanent possibility
  • Staffing according to the requirement of the business
  • Minimum payroll accounting, tax and maintenance expenses and thus increased revenue
  • per employee
  • Access to strong database of candidates