IT Support Services
Hitechmind Solutions delivers you proactive, preventive and reactive technical support remotely when you and how you want. We address all your IT support needs and ensure that all your hardware and software applications are in good health.
Our extensive experience in the area enables us to extend support beyond any standard terms. We are not your service providers but your technology partners, who are not only concerned about fixing your hardware, software or network problems but also, ensure proactive monitoring so that problems can be detected and resolved before they affect your entire system.
Hitechmind Solutions offers remote

  • Desktop and Laptop Support Services
  • Software Applications Support Services
  • Operating System Support Service
  • Virus and Malware Support Service
  • E-Mail Support Service
  • Browser Support Service
  • Network Support Services

Desktop/Hardware Support: It is a well know fact that computer hardware have longer life and offer more reliability than ever. But then also, failures can occur that can have bad impact on your day-to-day business operations.
This is where Hitechmind Solutions comes into picture. We help you restore your services as quickly as possible. Our IT professionals provide you with accurate problem diagnosis and faster resolution, ensuring it has minimal effect on your business processes.
The best part is that we can provide remote hardware support in all geographies for any big and small company.
Software Application Support: Hitechmind Solutions offers you complete technology support, making it easier for you to adapt in ever changing IT environment. We assist you in software installation, updating, software maintenance, usability assistance, troubleshooting, migration from older to newer versions, etc.
We offer you proactive (continuous monitoring), reactive (after the occurrence of the error) and per-incident (incident basis) software support services. Depending upon your requirements, we can also offer you a tailor-made solution.
Network Support Services: Hitechmind Solutions also offers companies network monitoring and data center support services on both proactive and reactive basis.
How Do We Help? Here Are the Highlights

  • We have assembled a diverse pool of IT professionals experts in various fields
  • We have a well-equipped infrastructure that enables us to replicate your in-house technological scenario
  • Our technical representatives have rich experience in dealing with people from across the world
  • We have sound technical knowledge and expertise to offer faster problem diagnosis and resolution services
  • We are HIPPA certified and strictly adhere to international quality standards
  • We offer cost efficient services, which increases your bottom line